The following article appeared in the spring/summer issue of JSJD Community Crime Fighters Magazine and demonstrates some of the work that MCT do that sometimes passes unheard about or unnoticed:
“Middlewich Clean Team
Janet Chisholm and Stephen Dent from the Middlewich Clean Team in Cheshire who attended the Community Crime Fighters training in Birmingham had a real success with this in recent weeks. They nominated an underpass to be cleaned but were told it was going to take a long time for the probation service to take action due to broken equipment and other problems. However, Stephen wrote to us saying the probation service listened to the group’s concerns and he was pleased to report, “we are getting the work done and even some extra work”. Our congratulations go to the Middlewich Clean Team for not giving up and challenging the service.”
Naturally we are pleased to have received the recognition but this is all about Community Payback – for those that have done wrong and you now have the opportunity to see this action for yourself. Since 1st December 2008, offenders carrying out community Payback are required to wear orange jackets with “Community Payback” written on the back – this ensures that you can easily see those who have done wrong paying back. Payback often consists of projects like the one above, other examples could be renovating community centres, clearing undergrowth or cleaning off graffiti.
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