As you can see the containers at Town Bridge have been planted up thanks to Middlewich Clean Team. As usual Chris came along and assisted with planting the heathers and pansies.

I pushed the boat out and spent 6.99 each on the heathers from Minshulls, the pansies made the total cost £21.00.  I thought that Middlewich is worth it and we had the permission, so why not. I decided to spend £7.00 more than we agreed so that we were also able to plant Bernice’s bench/planter with some of the pansies.

The work hasn’t gone unnoticed. Hilary and Ian cycled past later on and Hilary commented, “The containers look lovely, the heather is a lovely colour”. Polly was impressed too and said, “Well Done Chris and Janet! That’s a lovely sight Thank you both”.

It is always good to have encouraging feed back.

Many Thanks especially to Chris.