Centurian Way and Ravenscroft  Wood
Clean Team volunteers Hilary Jones and Carol Eccles at Rainbow Day Nursery in Brooks Lane,
with Emily Smith, three, Marco Azakli, four, Millie Lane, four and Matthew Hitchen, four.
Photo: Middlewich Guardian
Middlewich Clean Team has been helping to nurture the responsible citizens of tomorrow. Carol Eccles and Hilary Jones visited the town’s nurseries to speak to youngsters about having pride in where they live and keeping the streets litter-free.
Hilary said, “We talk to the children about the importance of putting litter in the bin and the role of Middlewich Clean Team. We let them have a go with our junior crocodile litter pickers placing litter into our bin. Then we sing our song, which they all love to do, before they are awarded a MCT sticker. The idea is to sow the seed that litter does actually belong in the bin and to encourage using it.”