On Monday 3rd February Janet and I went as planned to the nurseries and playgroups in Middlewich, this is our eighth year of visiting the nurseries and playgroups!

Playbox children “keep it clean”.   Photo: Hilary Jones

Our visiting programme was:

  1. 9.30am Playbox, Community Centre 
  2. 10am Peter Pan
  3. 10.45am Rainbow
  4. Lunch
  5. 1.15pm Early Learners Nursery
  6. 2pm Tommy Thumbs

We went to each nursery and playgroup and we talked to the children about the importance of putting litter in the bin and the role of Middlewich Clean Team. We let them have a go with our junior crocodile litter pickers placing litter into our bin. Then we sang our song which they all love to do, complete with actions. (To the tune of Frere Jacques)

“See some litter, see some litter,

pick it up, pick it up,
put it in the bin, put it in the bin,
keep it clean, keep it clean”

Then the children were awarded a MCT sticker. The idea is to teach the children that litter belongs in the bin and not on the ground.