The Middlewich Clean team was busy again on Saturday afternoon. Seven people attended the litter pick around the the Kings Lock pub and St. Michael’s Way areas.
Two young pupils who attend Middlewich High School came along to help. They are working towards their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award. MCT Chairperson Janet Chisholm said, “It was so refreshing to have them along, they worked hard and are intending to volunteer again in the near future. They actually said that they enjoyed themselves….fantastic.”
A burnt out bin on Queens Street which looks awful was eramarked for attentionand the supply of green bags refuse bags was exhausted. Janet added, “I am organising a half hour litter pick on Booth Lane tomorrow at 2.00 o’clock. 
If any of our team are available could you be at the little car park on the end of Warmingham Lane and Long Lane please. We have to tidy this area before Christmas.”