The Nelson girls with some of the litter they collected.

Becca Nelson and her three daughters were keen get involved in litter picking with the Middlewich Clean Team and so they provided some child-sized litter pickers. Becca said, “The girls and I are really looking forward to getting involved with the clean team. We have a couple of litter pick sticks (adult size) and have been doing some litter picking along the canal for a little while. This will mean that the three girls don’t have to take it in turns”.
So, suitably equipped the very next day was a very busy one. Becca resumes here story, “The girls and I went out down King Street, the little green on New king Street and Harbutts Field today and collected about a big binbag’s worth of litter. The girls were keen to go back again and collect some more tomorrow, as we only covered a bit of Harbutts Field before we were getting arm ache from carrying the bags (lots of glass bottles)”. 
Well Becca and her children certainly set to it there and with such a large collection of litter, especially all those carelessly discarded bottles, she found there were some problems leading Becca tro ask, “Do members of the clean team who do a regular litter pick in the area where they live get any help with disposal of the litter? I’m just thinking it will take up quite a bit of space in our wheelybin, on top of the waste we produce at home (there are 5 of us!!). I know we could separate it out and recycle it but some of it is very dirty and a lot of the glass was broken so I’m not that keen”. Indeed we do get a lot of help from the Streetscape Team, its now an established relationship that works very well. Commitee member Maxine Wrench explains, “As for glass bottles etc – yes its hard work to recycle & we do not actively do it unless we are picking in a group usually after an organised function such as the Bonfire Night at the Cricket Club. Most of our members use the green bags which you can get from Chisholm’s newsagents ( these are free & supplied by Cheshire East) just ask if you go in the shop. These can then be left by any public bin & they will be collected by the Streetscape Team. There is a bin by the Big Lock pub , but I admit in King Street I can’t think of any !! – but if you are picking on Harbutts field let me know & leave your bags in a pile by the gate & I’ll email Streetscape to collect on their rounds.”
It’s great to have Becca’s family enthusiasm she and her family will be a great asset to MCT.