Graffiti on graffiti, it had to go. Photo: Darren Ketley
Graffiti messages painted on canal walls around Middlewich must leave an impression on those that see them. The message itself may be pleasant enough but it’s untidy and does not belong on canal bridges and adjoining walls.

In one particular case at Town Wharf Bridge the message itself had come under attack and had black wavy lines sprayed over the top making it even more of an eyesore, so it had to go. 

The difference speaks for itself. Photo: Darren Ketley

Clean Team members turned out with paint and rollers to return the walls to the state the should be in. The impression we hope to acheive is of a town that is clean, tidy and takes pride in it’s appearance.

Chairperson Janet Chisholm said afterwards, “Seven members came along on the frosty dry Saturday morning to remove the ugly graffiti which has been blighting our canal area surrounding the Town Wharf.  The reward – a lovely tidy litter and graffiti free area  for all our community to enjoy.” Janet added, “Thanks ever so much to everyone who helped.”