Photo: Middlewich Guardian
Photo Courtesy of Middlewich Guardian

Litterpicking with the Middlewich Clean Team is never boring! Apart from it being a pleasant walk with a purpose and a chance to catch up with friends, or make new ones, you just never know what you might find.
On Saturday 9th February the team were in action in Holmes Chapel Road and Brooks Lane when they were astonished to find a set of false teeth during a town tidy-up. “It was so funny,” said Clean team founder Janet Chisholm, “We were holding them up with the litter pickers and falling about with laughter, We’ve found some things over the years like glasses and underwear but never false teeth. I can only assume someone’s been sick after a night out and they fell out.” In a strange twist, the Clean Team found the teeth just months after they found some denture glue.
Janet added: “We take seriously keeping our streets tidy but it just shows there’s a humourous side to what we do.” They were in perfect condition but have not been claimed despite newspaper coverage!

If the false teeth belong to you then please contact us.

A Blackberry phone was also found on this same litterpick. Vice chairman Stephen Dent said: “I have managed to return it to its very grateful owner who had travelled to Middlewich from Bolton on Friday night and dropped it in the Seabank car park.”