Volunteers at the ready to start planting
Photo: Ian Jones
A great turnout for some team work to brighten up the springtime. 
Middlewich Clean Team purchased 1000 bulbs and on 26th October 2014, together with volunteers from the U3A, Cubs and Sea Cadets planted them in two locations each side of the library. One batch was planted between the library and Katy’s Wall and the other on the grassed area opposite the library entrance.
Before they could get started the ground needed preparing and for the 2nd year in a row Steve Morris used a petrol earth auger to create planting holes for the bulbs. Even with the auger this was hard work and we are grateful to Steve for the excellent job he made of it. Once the ground was prepared the young and not quite so young cheerfully set to planting the bulbs; their enthusiasm seemed never ending and it was an enjoyable afternoon for all involved.
These two new beds of bright daffodils should make a fine display to welcome in the springtime and provide a beautiful scene for everyone that passes by.