Nice and sunny what a beautiful day
As I go walking on my way
Oh what do I see what have I found
But mess and litter on the ground
I walk my dog upon this field
My eyes are always peeled
Lots of broken glass about
A smashed up bottle from a lout
I swept up all the glass with care
And picked up all the rubbish there
It’s in the bin where it belongs
Don’t the litter bugs know its wrong
I would not mind but there is a bin
With which to put your rubbish in
Why do they have to smash the glass
It gets embedded in the grass
I have to watch my poor dogs paws
In case she gets some cuts and sores
There’s lots of doggies go on this ground
To sniff and play and chase around
There is also lots of dirty poop
That people did not care to scoop
Not very nice when it’s trod in
It should be bagged and in the bin
I am a member of the clean team
We strive to keep this lovely town clean
It is ongoing there’s no reprieve
All this litter we have to retrieve
So have respect and love this space
It is a rather lovely place
So make it smart and not rundown
For Middlewich is a lovely town


Anne Russell  March 2019